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A Note from Our Pastor

Dear Members of St. Mark's,

As we embark on this new journey together, I am filled with gratitude for the warm welcome and the sense of community I have found here. It is truly a blessing to be your Resident Pastor.

My path to St. Mark's has been one of reflection, rest, and ultimately, rediscovery. After many years serving at First Lutheran Church of Stewartsville, NJ, I took some time to rest and discern where my journey would lead next. It was during my time as your supply pastor that I felt a deep connection with this congregation and its spirit.


I am humbled by the opportunity to join your leadership team and serve as your pastor. Together, we will navigate the details of this new role, trusting in the guidance of the Spirit to lead us forward.


One of the joys I bring to this role is my love for the Bible and music. I am excited to announce that I will be leading a mid-week Bible study during Lent, focusing on the Elijah saga found in the books of 1 and 2 Kings. This study will take place every Wednesday at 5:30 PM, starting on February 21st. Additionally, I will be incorporating music from Mendelssohn's Elijah to enrich our discussions and deepen our understanding.


I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to once again share the gifts the Spirit has given me as a pastor. As we journey together, I invite each of you to use your own gifts to follow in Jesus' footsteps and serve as his helpers and disciples.


Thank you for welcoming me into your community with open arms. I look forward to seeing you at church and witnessing the wonderful ways in which we will grow together in faith and fellowship.



Pastor John Kleist

February 22, 2024

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