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God's Vision for Us

As people of God at St. Mark’s, God calls us to make disciples through intentional faith formation, community building, and Gospel-sharing.
Making disciples is exactly what Jesus instructed His first followers to do (Matthew 28:19-20). Here at St. Mark’s, we’re devoted to making disciples in three specific ways, which connect throughout our various ministries, ministry teams, and fellowship opportunities. Everything we do as God’s faithful touches on components of faith formation, community building, and Gospel-sharing. The Holy Spirit is alive and working in us to spread the message of God’s kingdom with the world in all things!

Faith Formation: The Holy Spirit grants us faith in our baptism, and forms it throughout our journey with Jesus. Sharing in worship, the sacraments, fellowship, prayer and bible studies alongside other Christian faithful are the tools God uses to strengthen and shape our trust in God’s promises. Anything that helps to nurture and strengthen our trust in God is Faith Formation.

Community Building: Everywhere Jesus went, he forged relationships with the people he met there. Fostering the relationships we have with one another as members of St. Mark’s, we are empowered to build a network of mercy and love with those we encounter in our neighborhoods and daily comings-and-goings. Anything that helps to build meaningful relationships with one another and/or our surrounding community is Community Building.


Gospel-Sharing: “Evangelism” means “sharing the good news,” and has traditionally been the term associated with sharing the gospel: the new life given to us by Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, working to save people here and now. Gospel-Sharing is our life of ministry together- feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, healing the sick, praying for and comforting the grieving, and spreading God’s message of hope throughout our community and into the world. Anything that helps people experience firsthand the goodness of God’s kingdom in the resurrection life of Jesus is Gospel-Sharing.

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