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Christian Baptism

In baptism, the Holy Spirit joins us to the death and resurrection of Jesus, filling us with the promise of new life, and washing us clean from sin and evil by the forgiveness of God.

Through baptism, God claims us as beloved daughters and sons, grants us the gift of faith, and joins us to the mission and ministry of Christ's church to share God's justice, mercy, and love with the world. Baptism is membership into the global church, celebrated within the worship of a local congregation.


Baptism is a lifelong commitment to grow in faith, worship alongside God's people, and share God's blessings with the world. As Lutherans, we recognize and celebrate the baptism of both adults and infants, firmly trusting that it is God's work to claim and clean us; regardless of age, intelligence, or capacity.


If God is moving within you to become a disciple of the risen Jesus, contact us so that we may pray for you, and walk alongside you as you prepare to join us in Christ's church.

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